Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor When Hiring

Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor When Hiring

Before choosing a given roofer, you need to ensure that your roofing company answers questions about insurance, location, and more. You have a right to ask even the best roofing company some questions. This is because shoddy work can mean costly leaks and repairs in the future. This means that you will spend a lot of time and money fixing your roof. The following are some questions to ask a roofer before you decide to hire:

Questions to ask a roofer

What is your physical address?

tg2w3ed6fywe7du28i2You need to ask the roofing company’s details such as name and physical address. Some roofers may be using Post Office address, ask for the street location. A roofing contractor that does not have a physical location is likely to cause a problem. Thus, you should move to the next company on your list. Nowadays, it is easy to find a reputable roof replacement or roof repair contractor in your location.

Do you have insurance cover?

A roofing contractor ought to have both liability insurance and workers’ compensation to protect you in the case of an accident. Workers compensation is very important as it protects a homeowner in case an employee gets injured during roofing installation or repair. Moreover, liability insurance protects you from damage that is caused by roofers during replacement or repair.

If the contractor does not have workers’ compensation policy, you may be responsible for medical costs and bills that are associated with injuries. In fact, homeowners’ insurance does not cover such forms of accidents.

Do you sub-contract?

You need to ask whether they give some part of the job to subcontractors. If that is the case, these same questions ought to be asked to the subcontractor.

Do you have a license?

vgw3edf6cgwed7u2You should ask your roofing company whether the concerned local government licenses it. You should note that licensing requirements do vary from one state to another. Some counties and cities also need a contractor to be licensed. You need to verify whether a given license is needed in a particular area. Ensure you check with the relevant local licensing departments. This is necessary to avoid violating local laws.

You should note that a business license is quite different from a roofing company license. The business license is for company identification and tax purposes. It is not an indication that a person has passed a given test or even qualified as a reputable roofer.…