How To Take Care Of Your Dance Floor

How To Take Care Of Your Dance Floor

If you have an entertainment point in your house, then it must have a dance floor. We all know what takes place on the dance floor. If you want the dance floor to maintain its good look for a long time, proper maintenance must be put in place. This article will give you some ways to take care of your floor. Read on

Taking care of your dance floor

Type of shoes

It might be difficult to control the number of people entering your entertainment room, but you can get a way of controlling the type of shoes they are wearing. To take care of your floor, ask the visitors to dance in rubber shoes or barefoot. To make sure the plan works out, hire a person to make sure that no one enters the dance floor with sharp shoes.

Keep the area clean

Just like any other part of the house or office, the dance area must be cleaned from time to time. Keeping it clean makes it look good and last longer. Make sure you clean the area immediately after dancing is over. This helps do away with debris and dirt which if left for long damages the floor. Cleaning methods depend on the material of construction.

If your floor is made of wood, you can dust, sweep or vacuum clean it. Make sure that the place is always dry to avoid damaging the wood. You can decide to be mobbing the place with a microfiber head once in a while. For the best results do not use detergents and soap on a wood floor. Do not use silicon polishes, paste waxes or pine cleaners as well.

If your floor is vinyl, use a ph neutral cleaner. Never use cleansers made from abrasives or ammonia. Such easily damage the vinyl floor. To get work done faster, make use of an automatic floor cleaner. Be careful that the detergent you are using does not go in between floor seems.


A dance floor will be damaged with time even after much care. To get back the initial look, have it recoated. The first time recoat should be done after 18 to 24 months. The second coat should be applied over a period of 12-18 months after the first one. After the two, keep on checking the floor from time to time to determine the correct time to re coat.…