Reasons to Install Fire-Resistant Door in Your Home

Fire-rated doors are very important when it comes to home safety. You need to install doors that will help you in case of a fire in your home. Fire-resistant door might be expensive, but they are definitely worth the cost. These are doors that are installed in homes to contain fires and smoke.

When buying fire-rated doors, you can choose among the available materials like steel and aluminum. It is important to choose a door that is strong enough to withstand the heat and allow you to escape in case of a fire. Here are some reasons to install a fire rated door:

Traps flames

The role of a fire-resistant door is to trap flames and smoke in your home. It is important to make sure that you keep the flame contained and you prevent it from moving to other rooms in the house. The doors work well by keeping flames in the room where the fire rated doors

This is a good way to minimize losses that occur when the fire moves to other parts of the house. When combined with other fire rated access panels, it becomes easy to control fire.

Stops fumes and smoke

Smoke and fumes are dangerous elements when a fire occurs. The fumes and smoke can distract people who are trying to run away from the building. You had probably heard of cases where people were chocked in fumes and smoke before they were able to escape from the fire. Using fire-rated is a good way to make sure that you do not choke on the fumes of smoke and fire.

Self-closing mechanism

The self-closing mechanism is one of the best things about these doors. The doors can close automatically once they are opened. With this mechanism, it is easy to prevent the spread of fire and fumes to other rooms in the house. Unlike other doors, once the fire-rated doors are closed, they do not to leave spaces that can allow the spread of fire and fumes to other parts of the house.

fire rated door

Easy to contain fires

Apart from reducing injuries and deaths during fires, the work of fire-rated doors is to help in containing fires. Containing fires makes it easy to avoid destruction of property. When the fire is not able to spread to other parts of the rooms, it will be very easy to stop it. When the firemen come to the building, they will only handle the rooms that are affected by the fire.