The following tips will help you keep your cabinets clean and last longer


You should select a material that can stand humidity. If the material is not waterproof, it means water will soak the cabinet material hence get damaged easily. Cabinets made from wood will get damaged faster. Some materials expand on absorbing water making the room look old and ugly. Some wood like bamboo do not change size on absorbing water hence you can use them to make your cabinets.


To get beautiful and durable cabinets make sure that the material used to make it is of high quality. You need to put this into consideration if you have small kids in the house. Softwoods make beautiful and good looking furniture but tend to wear out very fast. If you have small children, please use hardwood, because you will not believe it finding your bathroom all old, young children tend to be rough.


Keeping the cabinets clean helps them last longer. Cleaning process differ with the type of material used to make the cabinets. For instance, you can use a piece of cloth with water to wipe clean bamboo cabinets. You can decide to use harsh chemicals on other surfaces as well. The right cleaning solutions help the cabinets last longer.

Preventative checking

From time to time, check on the cabinet hinges to make sure that they are properly working. Check if the screws are okay and snug. If any default is seen make a point of correcting the defect ASAP. Such helps the cabinets last longer. Do not wait till the hinges are too weak and falling. It will be too late, and the cabinets will have caused damage already.

Clean spills immediately

The bathroom is among the places prone to spills. Leaving spills to sit on the cabinet tops leads to damage with time. With frequent spills, the cabinet retains many spots which make it ugly. You do not need to leave the spills for later clean, do it immediately and prevent big troubles in future.

Check on weight

Shelves and drawers have a weight limit. You must check on the limits and make sure that you abide by that. Do not store too many stuff on the cabinets. If you keep on stacking many items, you risking the breakage of the cabinets.