Our main activity is horseback riding including cattle drives as well as scenic rides. We are an authentic working cattle ranch and you will spend plenty of time in the saddle being out riding with our trained wranglers. Imagine the freedom of driving cattle over the wide, open range and rugged terrain under a never ending big blue sky, an occasional fresh breeze blowing by, the scent of untouched sage brush, the sight of a curios antelope or a bald eagle circling above – let us take you back in time and provide you a glimpse of America’s authentic western past!

Our riding program will invigorate riders of every ability. We have excellent horses for novice as well as experienced riders. Depending on your experience, we walk, trot, and canter across tens of thousands of acres – there is no nose to tail riding on the ranch. You will enjoy the companionship of a good horse, the variety of terrain, beautiful vistas, interesting geologic formations and abundant wildlife.

Horseback riding

Since we only take a small number of guests at a time we can customize our activities according to your expectations. Beginners will be made to feel comfortable on the most gentle of horses and we offer short rides as well as instructional rides and give you special attention on our regular rides. Most of the time we go on half day and all day rides or even overnight cow camps depending on what you like to do. No matter what ride we go on, you can always relay on the assistance of our accomplished wranglers if desired giving you tips and hints on how to improve your riding skills and become an accomplished cowboy or cowgirl. You are encouraged to pick their brains on general horsemanship, cattle and range management, local history and points of interest or any other related topics.

Horseback riding
If you like one or two horses in particular, you can keep them for the whole week and take care of them if you wish to do so. You may get your horse from the corral in the morning, groom and saddle it and spoil it with some treats. We will be more than happy to teach you all you need to know about taking care of your horse. Otherwise, our wranglers will have your horse waiting for you while you sip your last cup of coffee on the front porch after a wholesome ranch breakfast.

Ranch work
You can get involved in the daily ranch work as much or as little as you like- e.g. sorting, branding and doctoring cattle or even fixing fences if you like to get an hands on experience. Or just kick back and enjoy watching the cowboys do the work or stay home and relax on your front porch. It is your vacation and you do what ever you like to do as long as you enjoy yourself. If you like to learn more about cowboy skills you can participate in roping and cutting practices with our wranglers. They will be happy to show you how to handle a rope and how to work cattle with your horse. You may arrive as a city slicker, but you’ll have the chance to leave as a Cowboy after a week of unlimited riding.

Cross country view
Next to the cattle work we take you on scenic rides to the Seminoe State Park or Pathfinder Reservoir and other local points of interest. Those rides take you cross country over wide prairies, through rocky canyons or on top of mountain hills. You will enjoy the endless views, the vast uninhabited open spaces around us and the absolute absence of any signs or noise of modern day life. The squeak of saddle leather, the smell of horses, combined with the quiet serenity, the aroma of the sage and wild flowers, creates an indescribable sense of care-free cheerfulness and well being.

In order to fully participate and enjoy our riding activities you should be strong and agile enough to get on and off the horse by yourself and stay well balanced on the horse for hours at a time.

North Platte River
Of course, the area invites you to all kinds of outdoor activities. With the North Platte River and three reservoirs (Seminoe-, Pathfinder- and Alcova Reservoir) in the proximity of the ranch you can take advantage of a wide variety of water sports including swimming, boating, water floating, water skiing and especially fishing. The “Miracle Mile” on the North Platte River – a world class blue-ribbon “wild” trout fishery and one of the best fishing wholes in Wyoming – is only a few miles away. Also, the lake pasture of our ranch stretches all the way to the Seminoe Reservoir which is popular for its trout and walleye fishing, as well as boating opportunities. We can ride cross country to either place if you like to combine riding and fishing. But we also offer jeep tours for fishing trips and to explore the area. Also, on your own time you have endless opportunities for hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking. Wildlife abounds and the vistas provide photographic rewards.

In the summer we also like to take you to local rodeos and fairs and give you a real taste of the Cowboy State if you are interested in such activities.

If you just like to kick-back and enjoy the ranch atmosphere, you find plenty of cozy and comfortable places to wind down. Enjoy the afternoon reading a good book on your front porch, relax in the hot tub after a long day in the saddle, or settle in front of the stove in our living room and share your day�s adventure with fellow guests.

Grazing horses
In the evenings we often have cook-outs or sit around the camp fire swapping cowboy stories. Also, there is always room for yard games like volleyball and softball or of cause you can practice your roping skills or throw some horseshoes. Card and table games will be out at all times for play time. We do not plan on an organized evening entertainment but as long as our guests are motivated, we always have something going on in the evenings. If you enjoy some more private time, you can take a strolling sun set walk watching the magical colors over the horizon or just sit out in front of your cabin and enjoy the peaceful, cool nights with the creek flowing by and gazing at spectacular star-filled skies.

We’re passionate about bringing you a memorable vacation and outdoor adventure. You will be able to submerge into a different world far away from your everyday life and mass tourism and discover a getaway with personalized attention ideal for relaxing, fun and adventure, and surrounding yourself with astounding beauty.