In 2013 we are not running a guest season at The Bucking S Ranch. The business will be closed during the remaining year of 2012 and in 2013. The owners Dan & Silke are taking the time to think about repositioning the ranch and deciding on its future paths. Please check back with us in the fall of 2013 for future news about our guest business and the 2014 season.

Meanwhile, the cabins are open for rent to fishermen and hunters. Please call the ranch at 307-325-6280 if you are interested in renting the cabins only.

Tips and Tricks for your Cowboy Adventure at The Bucking S Ranch

Comfortable and Protective Clothing


  • Cowboy hat or other hat with stampede string to protect from the weather
  • Jeans (plan on getting dirty). If you get sore easily, you might want to wear long johns or stockings under your jeans
  • Long sleeve shirt (not only protects from the sun but also from branches when getting cattle out of the willows and trees or from barbed wire when doing fence work if you like to get a real hands on experience.)
Buckaroo Gear

  • Cowboy boots (break them in before you come to avoid blisters) or other boots with a heel and a smooth sole are a must have to ride, other shoes or a deep rubber ridged sole are not safe on a horse!!!
  • Boot socks
  • Riding gloves
  • Scarf/Bandana to protect from the dust if you move cattle
  • Light wind protective jacket, warm jacket in spring and fall as well as warmer clothing for the evenings and mornings - temperatures drop quite a bit at night
  • Rain gear might not hurt to bring especially in the spring and fall
  • It is best to plan for a couple of layers of comfortable clothing that you can peel off since weather and temperatures can change quickly around here.


    Special Tip: Wear bike shorts under your jeans - guests swear by them and they sure do save your backside if you are not used to a lot of riding!


    Swim Gear: if you plan on going to the lake or using the hot tub, donít forget your swim wear!

    Saddle / Chaps

    Chaps or chinks are not necessary, but if you have some you probably want to bring them. Bring a saddle only if you prefer to use your own. All tack is provided including saddle bags and water bottles.


    We are located at high altitude (6,000 to over 8,000 ft) and have low humidity. So make sure you bring your lip balm with sun protection, plenty of sunscreen, and anything you need for allergies or medication in addition to your common personal care items. Hair dryer and plenty of towels are provided.

    Sleeping Bag

    If you plan on participating in an overnight camp out, please bring your own sleeping bag.

    Canteen / Water Bottle

    You want to be able to carry plenty of water on your rides! Dehydration is a common problem in our altitude and we will be out for long rides at a time. We do provide water bottles that are in common use and we also offer water bottles for sale. However, If you prefer to bring your own water bottles put them on your packing list.

    Fishing Gear

    If you plan on going river or lake fishing it would be best if you could bring your own pole, flies, bait, a few hooks or a couple of shiny lures depending on what you plan on fishing for. The next bait shop is in Alcova (33 mi. from the ranch).

    Snack food/beverages

    Meals, snacks and beverages are provided. Bring anything we may not have that you can't live without. If you are not sure, ask us! We will try to have your special brand of soda pop here for you if we know what you like, the same with snack food.

    Alcoholic Beverages

    If alcoholic beverages are desired, please bring your own. We do not serve alcohol on the ranch.

    Also donít forget your camera. You might also want to bring binoculars if you like to go wildlife and bird watching and your own flashlight for evening strolls.

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