In 2013 we are not running a guest season at The Bucking S Ranch. The business will be closed during the remaining year of 2012 and in 2013. The owners Dan & Silke are taking the time to think about repositioning the ranch and deciding on its future paths. Please check back with us in the fall of 2013 for future news about our guest business and the 2014 season.

Meanwhile, the cabins are open for rent to fishermen and hunters. Please call the ranch at 307-325-6280 if you are interested in renting the cabins only.

Employment Opportunities

General Information

Thank you for your interest in joining our ranch team on this working cattle and guest ranch. Enjoy the advantages of a small guest ranch operation with only up to 12 guests per week. You get to know everybody one on one and meet interesting people from all over the country and around the world. If you like people and the outdoors, are looking for the experience of a lifetime, enjoy making new friends, and are not afraid of hard work, then you’ll love spending a summer with us in Wyoming.


We like to set high standards for the quality of service our guests receive. Accordingly, we have equally high expectations for the work ethic and performance of our employees. Because the ranch is a people business, we do not hire staff merely to get a job done. We are interested in staff members who have a genuine interest in making our guests' time with us the best that it can be. Your help is the key to our success in providing our guests with a terrific vacation.


Most importantly we are looking for employees with an outgoing, cheerful, enthusiastic and genuinely friendly personality as well as strong communication and interpersonal skills. All positions require employees that are self-motivated, organized, willing to take initiative and pay close attention to detail. Employees must get along well with others as part of our team and must have a "can do" attitude.

Ranch work can be physically and emotionally demanding. Please remember, working at a dude ranch is not a summer vacation - it is strenuous, physical work requiring long hours. Ranching is a lifestyle, not an 8 to 5 job.


No matter what your job is, you are always an ambassador for the ranch. The benefits are a unique job in the great outdoors, the satisfaction of a job well done and in the friends you will make in the process. We encourage our staff to socialize with guests as much as possible and spend evenings together with the guests making use of our guest facilities and entertainment even if it has been a long, hard day. Employees need to maintain composure and a positive attitude at all times.


We work together as a small team in order to provide our guests with the best vacation possible. In order to reach this objective everyone must pitch in and perform a diversity of tasks above and beyond their job description, remain flexible and simply do whatever is necessary to get the job done. On any given day, the wranglers may help with yard work and our housekeepers help with fence building. Team work and a positive attitude not only enable us to provide a terrific experience for our guests but also make it a terrific work experience for all of us living and working on the ranch.


As ranch staff, you are in constant contact with our guests. You share your meals with our guests and we encourage you to interact with them as part of our ranch team. Good social skills, table manners and a neat and clean appearance are necessary.


Keep in mind we are a western ranch and guests are looking for a traditional western experience. Attire in keeping with our western atmosphere is important. This means jeans (without holes), western shirts, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. We ask that you save your t-shirts or shirts with inappropriate designs and sayings, sleeveless shirts and tank tops, baseball caps, open toed shoes and tennis shoes, for your time away from the ranch. If you choose to eat in the dining room or participate in activities with guests during your time off, please wear appropriate western attire.


Hairstyles for men and women must be kept neat, clean and well groomed at all times. Make-up, jewelry and perfume worn on duty must be conservative and in keeping with work attire.


Male employees must be clean-shaven when reporting for work, unless you already have a beard or mustache. Beards and mustaches must be neatly trimmed.