In 2013 we are not running a guest season at The Bucking S Ranch. The business will be closed during the remaining year of 2012 and in 2013. The owners Dan & Silke are taking the time to think about repositioning the ranch and deciding on its future paths. Please check back with us in the fall of 2013 for future news about our guest business and the 2014 season.

Meanwhile, the cabins are open for rent to fishermen and hunters. Please call the ranch at 307-325-6280 if you are interested in renting the cabins only.

Compensation and Housing


We provide our employees with a monthly salary, guest gratuity + free room and board. All crew members eat together with the guests so you are fed well! We also provide an end of season bonus if you fulfill your employment agreement to our satisfaction. A set of objectives will be clearly defined. A bonus is paid only after completion of the season. If you leave employment for ANY REASON (you quit or are fired) you will not receive the end of season bonus.


You can make full use of the ranch facilities including horse back riding, fishing and hiking on your day off and get to spend a summer in the great outdoors!

It is a job most of our guests envy you for.


Our staff consists of 5 to 7 employees who work and live together on a 24-hour basis, which is not always easy. We provide bunk house style accommodations with private or semi-private bathrooms. Some shared living is required. We also provide two common staff living room areas with satellite TV and a kitchenette. This type of communal living requires respect for co-workers and an easy-going attitude and that certain policies be observed out of respect for fellow employees. You are living and working at our home, therefore, we expect you to respect our property and abide by our guidelines.

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