In 2013 we are not running a guest season at The Bucking S Ranch. The business will be closed during the remaining year of 2012 and in 2013. The owners Dan & Silke are taking the time to think about repositioning the ranch and deciding on its future paths. Please check back with us in the fall of 2013 for future news about our guest business and the 2014 season.

Meanwhile, the cabins are open for rent to fishermen and hunters. Please call the ranch at 307-325-6280 if you are interested in renting the cabins only.

Experience an unforgettable Ranch Vacation at The Bucking S Working Cattle and Guest Ranch in Wyoming

The Bucking S is a traditional cattle ranch and we enjoy sharing our home and ranch life with our guests. In order to provide you with a unique and personal ranch vacation we limit our guest numbers to a maximum of twelve guests per week. The atmosphere is casual and you can enjoy the advantages of a small group setting. Our small guest numbers allow us to customize the length of our rides to your expectations and level of experience. You can get involved in the ongoing ranch and cattle work as much or little as you like.



The Bucking S Ranch is located in the heart of Wyoming "The Cowboy State". We are situated along the Seminoe-Alcova Scenic Backway at an altitude of 6,000 to over 8,000 feet and are surrounded by the foothills of the Seminoe and Shirley Mountains. The next town, Alcova, is over 30 miles away and we are in the middle of open range cattle country - out here cattle have right of way even on the road and they make use of it. You can go on endless rides and all you will encounter are cattle pastures, mountains with beautiful natural rock formations, creeks, lakes, abundant wildlife and rugged beauty all around.


We are an authentic working cattle ranch. We run about 200 pairs (mother cow + calf) on our own ranch. In addition we help three neighboring ranches with their cattle work. Mid May the cows with their calves are shipped back to the ranches after they wintered on farms in a milder climate. We brand and vaccinate the calves before we drive all cattle to their spring pasture. The whole season from mid-May to mid-October we rotate cattle to new pastures as grazing conditions and water dictates. Between taking care of our own cattle and helping neighboring ranches, we have plenty of cattle drives every single week.



Each pasture stretches over a couple of thousands of acres of rugged and diverse terrain and we often have to back-ride pastures a couple of times to find all mavericks. Driving cattle from one pasture to another means long hours in the saddle. During our scenic rides you will enjoy the wide open spaces and solitude, breathing the clean air, feeling the warm sun while discovering a peaceful and unhurried countryside.



All our pastures are watered by springs, creeks or lakes. To make sure that the pastures are grazed evenly, we also drive our cattle within each pasture at least once a week to a new water source and put out salt and minerals. At the same time we check the herd for their health. A sick or injured animal gets either treated right on the spot or we bring it back to the headquarters to keep it under watch.






You will see a wide selection of wildlife during your rides and our guests enjoy that tremendously. At the same time, though, the amount of wildlife has also quite some effect on our fences. And cattle have an incredible talent in spotting holes in the fence - the grass on the other side of the fence always seems to look greener. Therefore, it is also one of our daily chores to check fences, repair if necessary and bring back strays. Overall, days on an operating cattle ranch are always filled with work as well as excitement and we truly enjoy every minute of it. We love to share this experience and lifestyle of the old western tradition with our guests and friends from all over the country and around the world.

Our guest ranch offers a unique ranch vacation with personalized attention and the opportunity to step back in time and experience the real West as it has been and can still be today. From the moment you arrive we promise nothing less than real down-home hospitality in a very personal and family oriented setting. The atmosphere is relaxed and you will enjoy a sense of freedom from stress. The main ranch house, a beautiful log home, is open to our guests for family style dining, entertaining and relaxation.

No matter if you plan on coming alone, bringing your family or group of friends, planning a reunion or corporate retreat, you will find our ranch to be an ideal setting for a unique getaway. If you enjoy a simplistic way of life, have an appreciation of beautiful western scenery, cherish the experience of being mounted on a well trained ranch horse, savor flavorful, wholesome meals, and value well appointed western accommodations with your comfort in mind this is the place for you. We look forward to welcoming guests to our home and making new friends.



After you had a chance to browse through our web site, we would very much enjoy speaking to you personally about our ranch, answer any questions you might have and make sure you have a good understanding of what to expect from a ranch vacation at The Bucking S.



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